The winner of the Land Rover Spirit of Adventure competition, Brett Andersen, will embark on an expedition along the Eastern Cape of South Africa this July. Led by Land Rover Global Ambassador and Marine Biologist Monty Halls, the team will follow the natural phenomenon of a vast mirgration of millions of sardines spawning the cool waters of the Aghulas Bank causing a feeding frenzy attracting thousands of marine predators.


Chosen from thousands of entrants, Brett, from Canada won the trip of a lifetime after he submitted his video showing what adventure meant to him.


A keen videographer, Brett will be accompanied on the expedition by three of his friends who will join him in activities such as scuba diving, tagging sharks, surfing and off-road driving.

It's quite surreal. If someone were to ask me what a 'dream trip' would entail, it would be exactly this. I'm thrilled to not only win this trip, but also be a part of a legitimate expedition - a definite dream come true.



Throughout their time on the expedition the team will drive both the Discovery Sport and the iconic Defender, enabling them to explore some of the most challenging terrains South Africa has to offer.


Monty Halls, the expedition leader, said "It's always a slightly glib statement to say that a something is a trip of a lifetime, but for as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the sardine run. The 1,000km of the expedition route covers the region where the cool waters of the Benguela Current meet the warm waters of the Agulhas Current - a marine hot spot with 1100 fish species and some of the most impressive large ocean creatures on earth. As such at any time of the year this stretch of coastline assures terrific encounters with sharks, with whales, dolphins, and has always been one of my favourite diving and filming locations. And then, in the midst of this thriving ecosystem, you have the biological bomb of the sardine run arriving. A potent combination that creates one of the most spectacular marine events on the planet.


We're following the run whilst conducting sampling and shark tagging programmes that will add to the knowledge of the big animals that follow the sardines, and indeed the ecology of this remarkable coastline. The expedition is a combination of adventure, science, teamwork, and raw exhilaration. I simply can't wait.”


Brett will be sharing his journey via the Land Rover Instagram channel, follow it here