1. The Land Rover Assistance number is accessible only within India. The availability of this number is subject to the availability of the telecom network at the location of breakdown. Please note that all calls to Land Rover Roadside Assistance are recorded to help us check anything that’s unclear or incomplete. Recordings may also be used for training.

2. Roadside Repairs includes only those incidents that can be fixed at the location of breakdown. Incase roadside repair is not possible; your vehicle will be towed to the nearest, Land Rover Authorised Service Centre. To ensure that an optimum solution is provided, we reserve the right to determine the best way to carry out the repairs to your vehicle.

3. In case of an accident, you may opt for towing services provided under Land Rover Assistance. The same can only be availed on chargeable basis.

4. In case of Onward Journey, we reserve the right to determine the alternate vehicle provided to you basis the availability of cars at the location of breakdown. This service can be availed only to travel to an immediate destination e.g. home or nearest accommodation.

5. Financial limitations may apply in some cases - for details, please see your Warranty Benefits handbook.

6. Contact your nearest Retailer for further details.