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Every journey you embark on is unique - a voyage in itself. Every journey gives you a purpose; to explore the world around you,
to experience new cultures, to meet new people and to create an inspiring story. With ‘Land Rover Journeys’, we endeavour to bring such stories closer to you; from the towering peaks of the Himalayas, the ephemeral dunes of the Thar, or the vast jungles of Karnataka.

*All journeys are scheduled tentatively, and are subject to change.


Browse through a collection of images from our previous ‘Land Rover Journeys’ and witness the new cultures, people and breathtaking landscapes experienced by our customers and participants.

  • Thar Experience

    A beautiful desert, grand palaces,
    a gorgeous salt lake and expansive landscapes. An enchanting journey awaits.

  • Himalayan Experience

    A journey on which we witnessed stunning landscapes, high mountains, and unique cultures. 

  • Jungle Experience

    We took an enchanting journey in the heart of the jungles of India.

  • Brahmaputra Experience

    Get a glimpse of heaven on earth - the Northeast of India. 


Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd. has been authorised by Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. to plan and execute Land Rover Journeys in India. Since 2013, Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd. has been conducting Land Rover Experience events and expeditions in the country.

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  • FAQ
    • Who operates the Journeys?
      Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd. has been authorised by Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. to plan and execute Land Rover Journeys in India. Since 2013, Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd. has been conducting Land Rover Experience events and expeditions in the country.
    • Who is eligible to participate?
      Indian nationals with privately registered Land Rover vehicles are eligible to participate by completing the documentation and paying the registration fee. The Organisers may accept or reject any registration and participant at their discretion.
    • Can children participate?
      Children above 12 years of age can participate by paying the same registration charges as adults. There are no registration charges for children below 12 years of age provided they are accommodated in the same room as their parents or guardians. Any charges levied towards extra beds or meals will be payable directly by the parents or guardians at check-out.
    • Who is eligible to drive?
      All driving guests must be at least 19 years old and have held a full valid driving licence for at least one year. No participant will be allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol.
    • Do I need any off-road drive experience?
      Basic driving experience will suffice. There will be a qualified Land Rover Experience instructor accompanying each journey who will provide expert guidance and reassurance, but each journey is designed for drivers of all abilities.
    • How many participants can be in each vehicle?
      At the discretion of the participants subject to the vehicles carrying capacity for passengers and baggage.
    • Do we travel in a convoy?
      Yes, we will generally travel in a convoy.
    • How many vehicles and guests will be accepted in the Journeys?
      To maintain a more intimate and exclusive experience, the maximum group size of vehicles and guests for each journey will be 8 vehicles and 16 guests respectively. This may however be lower for select Journeys due to logistical reasons including where accommodation options are limited.
    • Do I need to purchase insurance to be able to participate?
      We recommend a personal accident insurance in addition to a valid comprehensive insurance of your Land Rover vehicle.
    • Do I need to have a certain level of physical fitness to take part?
      To participate in the Journey, you should ensure that you do not know of any circumstances which would disqualify you from driving such as chronic back problems (or similar conditions), mental conditions which might impair your ability to drive, eyesight which doesn’t meet the standards for driving, pregnancy or heart problems.
    • What is included in the price of the Journey?
      General inclusions are as follows: convoy coordination and driving activities, twin sharing accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner, any permits and entry fees.
    • What isn’t included in the price of the journey?
      Personal accident insurances, tips, all personal expenses (e.g. alcohol, minibar in the hotel, spa treatments etc.) and any pre or post-trip arrangements that deviate from the itinerary.
    • Is there a specific type of luggage I should bring?
      We do not make any specific recommendations with regards to the type of luggage as long as your vehicle can accommodate the same.
    • What is the dress code for evenings?
      Evening dress code will be casual.
    • What happens if a journey does not reach its minimum numbers? Will it be cancelled?
      We endeavour not to cancel any of our journeys but in some cases this may be inevitable. We reserve the right to cancel a journey if minimum operating numbers have not been reached 4 weeks before departure.
    • Are the itineraries and accommodation confirmed?
      Your itinerary and accommodation are subject to change based on availability. We reserve the right to replace the itinerary and accommodation with similar alternatives.
    • Whom can I contact if I require further information, assistance or clarification?
      Cougar Motorsport will gladly assist you and can be contacted as follows: E-mail: Telephone: +91 88008 60430 (10h00 – 18h00 (IST), Monday to Friday).
    • Can drivers accompany the participants?
      Drivers can accompany the participants but must be registered by paying a per head fee towards accommodation at night halts where drivers’ accommodation is not provided by the hotels, along with breakfast, packed refreshments and dinner, permits & medical support, if any.
    • Can arrangements be made for the transportation of my vehicle?
      Charges for transportation of vehicles by truck will be available on request. All such services will be at the risk of the participants, and the Organisers will not assume any responsibility for the same.
    • What is the cancellation policy?
      The charges paid will be refunded in case the registration is rejected by the Organisers or in case the journey is cancelled by the Organisers. The charges will NOT be refunded for ANY OTHER reason. The Organisers shall not be responsible for any delays or alterations in the programme or expenses incurred - directly or indirectly - due to natural hazards, accident, mechanical breakdowns, weather, sickness, landslides, political closures or any untoward incidents.
    • What is the service support that will be available for participants vehicles?
      The safekeeping of their vehicles will remain the sole responsibility of the participants. In case of a breakdown, any accompanying service team will try to carry out possible repairs within their means and the spares and equipment available with them, subject to the participant’s vehicle continuing to remain with the convoy. In case of a major breakdown that cannot be repaired, the Organisers will use their best efforts to arrange for a recovery vehicle to transport the participant’s vehicle to the nearest point where repair facilities may be available. In such an event, the cost of the recovery vehicle will be borne by the participant. The Organisers will not be under any obligation to arrange for alternate vehicles or transportation for the participants to continue in the journey and no request for refund of charges for the remaining journey will be entertained.
    • Are there any health issues that participants should be aware of?
      The Himalayan Experience will take participants to altitudes above 4 500 meters/14 000 feet and they should be familiar with the prevention, recognition, and treatment of altitude sickness including shortness of breath, restlessness or sleeplessness, and headaches as well as other health dangers potentially arising from such high altitudes. To learn more about this topic, visit and consult your regular physician before registering. In case medical assistance is required, the accompanying medical team will try and provide the necessary assistance within their means and the medical supplies and equipment available with them.

Important note 

The images shown here are for illustration purposes only and should there be any ambiguity regarding the programme, the written itinerary will be taken as the more accurate interpretation of the trip. 

We reserve the right to alter the travel route with similar alternatives.